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  According to this archived March 2003 published report   file download filetype:pdf version   one of the fastest ways to get your email address included in bulk email lists is to post it on your public website. But what if you really need to securely display your email address on your website, so that you can be contacted by email, for legitimate purposes?  

The solution is to hide your email address, by the use of a human-readable format that is opaque to the "robots" that scour the internet, text harvesting email addresses. An image is one such format.* This software web page, will immediately create a PNG image file (or choose to create a JPEG image file) (or choose to create a GIF image file) from the text you type, with each image created in a brand new pop-up window. That freshly created image file, can be safely placed onto your website. This software web page will NOT save your email address anywhere on our system.       Generate your image, and use that image to protect your online privacy on your websites.      

  This PHP script, provides the means to convert any string of text into an image. This has some simple uses such being able to displaying your text as an image. This can quickly help to reduce the possibility of the text of your email address, being picked up by web crawlers and used for junk mail.

  Important Warning:   please do NOT make the image into a clickable "mailto:" link or use your email address in clear text within an ALT tag,  
  as that will defeat the whole purpose of using the image to securely mask and completely obscure your email address.  
  Change the default settings, and then click the button " GENERATE your image ".  

  type email address text:  
  choose font type by name:     (please scroll down to see samples in font size 12px)  
  (pixels) choose font size:   ... 12 pixels equals 20 height ...
  (degrees) choose image rotation:   ... 0 (horizontal) ... 90 (vertical) ... 45 (diagonal) ...
  (number) choose image padding:   ... increase empty space around the image ...
  choose text color:  
  choose background color:         hex-codes color chart picker      
  transparent:     GIF transparent background --- PNG transparent background ***  
  image-noise:     Tick the box to increase image noise levels, to further deter text harvesting  
  choose image filetype:     create PNG image     create JPEG image     create GIF image  
        show webpage php source code  

N.B. as all images will not be readable in text-only browsers, OR by visually impaired people, THEREFORE an image file of your email address, is a less-than-perfect solution to the spam problem.      

F.Y.I. - The generated image can also be made as a CAPTCHA IMAGE, so that those new advanced spambots still remain unable to read the text content of the image.      

*** transparent background PNG images are supported by all current versions of internet browsers, since 2001 ***

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Font Samples

Arial       Arial sample
Arial Narrow       Arial Narrow sample
Caecilia       Caecilia sample
Comic Sans       Comic Sans sample
Courier       Courier sample
Frutiger       Frutiger sample
Garamond       Garamond sample
Georgia       Georgia sample
Palatino       Palatino sample
Tahoma       Tahoma sample
Times New Roman       Times New Roman sample
Verdana       Verdana sample
AvantGarde       AvantGarde sample
Myriad       Myriad sample
Typewriter       Typewriter sample
Courier       Courier SAMPLE
Helvetica       Helvetica SAMPLE
LucidaGrande       LucidaGrande SAMPLE
Symbol       Symbol SAMPLE
UNICODE GNU       UNICODE GNU sample font